Anterior Cross-bite Case

  • Intra-oral photos reveal late mixed dentition stage
  • Class I molar relationship bilaterally
  • Anterior cross-bite including upper central permanent incisors with mesio-in malposition (Pseudo Class III indicate early interference)
  • Lower central permanent incisors show labial proclination with gingival recession
  • Partially erupted upper permanent canines with a good roaming & path of eruption
  • A mild shift of the lower midline 1mm to the right in centric occlusion
  • Reverse over jet 1mm, both lower 1st permanent molars are carious in need for dental restoration fillings

Anterior cross-bite (Psuedo ClassIII)including upper permanent central incisors in lingual & mesio-in malposition.

  • The patient has skeletal and dental class I
  • Dentally: the patient has dental anterior cross-bites including the upper permanent central incisors in the lingual position which requiring immediate
  • reatment as soon as possible to solve the cross-bite & align lower incisors which are labially proclined
  • 1st permanent molars are in class I(trend toward class III by using E-space)
  • Esthetically: correction of the upper incisors position will improve upper lip position & appearance
  • The patient has normal growth development
Treatment Plan
  • Dental fillings for lower permanent 1st molars
  • Periodontal consultation for lower incisors gingival recession
  • Correction of anterior cross-bite by using upper removable orthodontic appliance
  • The patient may need later at permanent dentition period, fixed orthodontic therapy for levelling & alignment of teeth & finalize the dental occlusion