Class III Growth Case

  • Early mixed dentition stage
  • Anterior cross-bite, unilateral posterior left buccal cross-bite associated with a functional shift of the mandible toward the left side
  • Molar super Class I bilaterally which indicates in this age a tendency toward Class III due to mesial migration of the lower 1st permanent using leeway space
  • Reverse overjet
  • In general, the Maxilla shows under developmental growth in relation to the mandible in antero-poserior and transverse plane
  • Class III Skeletal due to Maxillary retrognathism
  • Dental Class I Molar, a tendency toward Class III, Anterior cross-bite and unilateral posterior buccal cross-bite which is associated with the functional shift of the mandible
  • Phonetic problem in production of linguostops sounds, /t/ and /d/
Treatment Plan
  • Expansion of the maxilla (three-sided expansion)
  • Protrusion of the maxilla using Reverse headgear (delare mask), long duration of active retention
  • Lingual arch to reduce mesial migration of the lower permanent molars (still have some force of eruption, multi-rooted teeth)
  • May need fixing orthodontic therapy in the future with or without orthognathic surgery at the adulthood